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In the Spotlight

Here at Winmark Premier Real Estate, we believe that when we do our job right, when we work hard to make sure that all the bases are covered, when we demand the highest quality from ourselves, unsurpassed results will naturally follow. With our proprietary listing system, The Winmark Ways, we sell higher, breaking records, creating all-time new record high prices no matter where we are and what we sell. We take pride in serving you. Protecting your investment is our passion.

18 Belcanto, Mission Viejo

Sold for $50,000 more than last model-matching sale. Once again, we surprised our Sellers and all the neighbors!

Experience The Winmark Ways! We achieve the same remarkable results no matter where your home is.

It is not magic. When we combine know-how, technology, quality marketing, hard work, and passion, we create phenomenal results. Not only did we sell 18 Belcanto significantly higher, but we were also the first to capture the right buyer and opened escrow.

As in all partnerships, we couldn’t have done it without our amazing Sellers. Special thanks to Bob and Joan who trusted us completely. They did some fine tuning around the house for us, and they even starred in our video production! Their candid portrayal of their love for this home and this community touched many buyers. Everyone that came through could feel the peacefulness and serenity surrounding this gorgeous home.

1990 Deer Haven Drive, Chino Hills

Another community record created!

1990 Deer Haven Drive had breathtaking views. It was expensively upgraded with Elbrus® hickory hardwood flooring, custom handmade wainscoting throughout, custom staircase, Hunter-Douglas® window treatments with lifetime warranty, custom draperies by Ethan Allen®, Milgard® Tuscany dual-paned 3D MAX™ windows and sliding glass door, LED recessed lighting, Nexus® solar panels, completely remodeled kitchen and bathrooms, and more! We were honored to be asked to showcase this gorgeous home for our sellers.

As part of The Winmark Ways, we created a virtual tour for buyers to walk through the home at the comfort of their own couches, and it was because of our virtual tour that we were able to sell Deer Haven at the record-breaking price. One of our buyers was on a business trip in New York. With other visitors showing interests in the home after our Grand Open House, this buyer knew he might miss the opportunity while he was out of state. Fortunately, he was able to access our virtual tour, our video production, and our professional photos, and he had enough information to put in a strong offer to win the bid.

Here at Winmark Premier Real Estate, we believe in genuine presentation of our homes. What our buyers see in our photography, video productions, virtual tours, home brochures, ads, social media posts, etc. is what they will see in person. That is one of the reasons why buyers love to shop with us.

7 Villoria, Irvine

Sold for $25,000 more than comparable competing sales.

This was a good story to tell because we had to compete with 2 neighboring homes at the time. Both neighbors had 1 more bedroom. They had the more popular floor plan with one bedroom and bathroom on the ground level. Moreover, they were in quieter locations.

While we knew the weaknesses, we understood the strengths of 7 Villoria as well. We had a courtyard and a long driveway, both were not common in the neighborhood. In addition, since we backed to a major road, the original developer gave this home a slightly larger backyard. As such, we decided on a higher asking price.

While 90% of the buyers would prefer the other 2 listings, we proudly showcased our values to the remaining 10% through our Grand Open House, virtual tour, professional video production, amazing photography, social media, and more. We found a buyer who was the best fit for this gorgeous home, and we sold it for $25,000 more than the 2 competing listings.

1671 East Elma Privado, Ontario

First to sell with 8 offers.

More often than not, we have to compete with neighboring listings for the best buyer. With The Winmark Ways, we have the widest coverage in marketing, bringing more buyers to our homes. As a result, we are able to maintain our high asking price while being the first to open escrow.

This was how we sold 1671 E. Elma Privado in 13 days after receiving 8 offers, being the first to open escrow when competing with 2 other listings in the community. We even sold it at the highest price, a community record for the last 10 years, with only dirt in the backyard!

What is our secret sauce? It is in the meticulous planning and execution of every step of the marketing and the sale. Every staging item has a purpose in the home. Different angles in photography create different effects. Even the music in each home video is carefully chosen to set the right mood. No detail is too small. That’s how we create unsurpassed results.

20821 High Country Drive, Diamond Bar

We sell when others can’t.

Our sellers came to us when their listing with another company was expiring after 3 months. We helped the sellers re-stage this beautiful home, sold it in 20 days, and brought our clients $15,000 more than they expected.

We were able to accomplish our goal because we understood who the potential buyers were for the home. We understood their culture, their lifestyles, and their preferences. We understood what would appeal to them. Therefore, when we designed the staging for this incredible residence, we aimed to attract the serious buyers for the neighborhood.

Staging is absolutely required in all home selling. However, staging in the wrong decor can be detrimental. That was what happened to our sellers before they came to us. Most buyers want to fall in love with their new home. When the setting is right, they will. That is why we design our marketing around what our potential buyers want to see. We showcase the home according to the buyers’ lifestyles. As a result, we sell our homes sooner and at higher prices.

3185 South Edenglen Avenue #A, Ontario

Another record-breaking sale! Sold for $15,000 more than previous all-time high.

We created another all-time record with multiple offers! This was a 3-bedroom, 3.5-bath, approximately 2,174 sf townhome in the inviting community of Edenglen. Built in 2007, this home featured one of the rare open floor plans with 2 equally luxurious master suites. It had a front patio with sunset views and a large side yard for entertaining and outdoor dining. The chef’s kitchen and flooring throughout had been upgraded, and the front of the home overlooked the beautiful clubhouse of the community.

While we were listing this home, a neighbor with the identical floor plan, comparable condition, and similar view came onto the market, asking for less. It was a friendly competition after all.

With our superior marketing and firm negotiations, even though we had a higher asking price, we secured a total of 4 buyers for our seller. We sold 3185 South Edenglen Avenue #A at a brand new all-time record high price, bringing our seller $15,000 more!

318 South Prospectors Road #37, Diamond Bar

Listed at $29,888 more than the most recent comparable sales. Sold before first showing at 13% higher than other sales of the same floor plan.

This home was sold before it was even shown! We received 2 sight-unseen offers while we were still preparing for our Grand Open House on May 7, 2016. We had already finished staging the home, and photography was done at the time. We were waiting for our producer to finalize the video when our seller accepted the cash offer at $6,000 above asking price and opened escrow. The buyer didn’t see the home until home inspection.

This was a 2-bedroom, 2-bath condominium in the gated community of Fall Creek in Diamond Bar. It was a ground-level unit with very open floor plan. Most of the features were original yet functional. This community was known for its lush landscape and babbling brooks. There were 2 other sales of the same floor plan in the last 4 months at $268,000 and $270,000. We started the asking price at $299,888 and sold this less-upgraded home for $305,888, $35,888 (13.3%) more than the upgraded unit, making it the highest price sold in the last 8 years.

327 Stanford Court, Irvine

Won the bid in multiple offer situation when our buyer’s offer was not the highest!

When representing buyers, we have a proprietary process to increase the chance of our buyers’ offers being accepted. This transaction is a wonderful example of what we can achieve.

327 Stanford Court was an adorable home with a view. The cabinetry and counter tops in kitchen and bathrooms were original, therefore, the asking price was not too high. Very naturally, it attracted a few offers.

We had a buyer who loved the opportunity to customize the home before moving in. We worked out the remodeling estimates to come up with a conservative offer price. Our purchase price could not be too high, as we had to allow room for any surprises found when upgrading the home. In order to strengthen our offer, throughout the bidding process, we showcased our buyer in all meaningful ways. We made sure that the seller could connect with our buyer beyond price and terms. As a result, even though our offer was not the highest, our buyer was chosen to be the lucky next homeowner!


88 Nature, Irvine

Sold at new record high price in 9 days when 3 other agents couldn’t.

This was another incredible example of the magic of The Winmark Ways. This gorgeous home was listed with 3 other agents for 2 years, even at a lower asking price, with no success.

Selling an expired listing was never easy, especially when it had been on the market for such an extended period of time. We had to overcome prior images potential buyers had through previous exposures and recreate new impressions of the home in their minds. Therefore, when we accepted the listing, we had to give it a “face-lift”, then, subsequently, used our strengths in marketing to invite potential buyers to fall in love with it.

We sold this 2-bedroom, 2-bathroom townhome in barely 9 days after our Grand Open House on January 30, 2016. On top of that, we sold it for $7,888 more than the last record high price, creating a brand new all-time record for the floor plan at $632,888. We had more than exceeded seller’s expectations. We almost had to “bargain” with our seller to accept a larger profit!

389 Stanford Court, Irvine

Received 6 offers. Sold within 4 days of Grand Open House. Created brand new record high price for the community.

Our Grand Open House weekend, on January 30 & 31, 2016, attracted not only over 150 visitors, but also the infamous El Niño. There was wind, and there was rain. Then there was heavy wind, and there was heavy rain. Our open house signs were blown away, and some were even broken. Yet, no buyer wanted to miss the opportunity to see this lovely home! It was crowded with visitors on both Saturday and Sunday during open house hours. Even Redfin labeled our listing a “Hot Home” saying that, “There is a 70% chance that this home will sell in the next 11 days.”

389 Stanford was indeed a “Hot Home” amidst the stormy weather. The fine upgrades and the eclectic theme shone through all of our marketing. We received 6 well-qualified offers within 4 days of our Grand Open House. We sold this charming home at full asking price of $550,000, creating a brand new all-time record high price for this 2-bedroom, 1.5-bathroom floor plan in the sought-after community of Princeton Townhomes.


8201 Peacock Lane, Orange

Received 7 offers with all 7 buyers agreed to seller rent-back, no appraisal contingency, and no repair. Sold within 4 days of Grand Open House. Highest price in the last 8 years.

We created a sensation! With the addition of video production into The Winmark Ways, we attracted a widespread interest in this lovely and inviting home. We had a full house at our Grand Opening on August 8, 2015, and we received 7 qualified offers soon after. We subsequently negotiated seller rent-back, no appraisal contingency, and no repair from all 7 buyers, which is no small feat in and of itself, and maximized the number of buyer choices for our sellers.

We sold 8201 Peacock at the highest price in the last 8 years. Decorating this home was fun. There was a lot of space above the kitchen cabinets, allowing us to create an elaborate beach theme to complement the powder blue paint, white cabinets and beige granite countertops. Filming our sellers for the video was exciting too. Sellers were so relaxed and natural that we went through our interview in 1 take! The video had over 6,400 views in one short week!


65 Remington, Irvine

Sold at all-time record high price, $8,800 more than the last record, $18,800 more than a competing listing.

We broke another all-time record! The last record high price of $500,000 was created in 2005 in this popular community of Northwood Horizon in Irvine. A competing listing of the same floor plan in a quieter location was sold for $490,000 on September 1, 2015. We sold 65 Remington at $508,800 on September 14, 2015, gaining our sellers an extra $18,800 and, at the same time, creating a brand new all-time record high price!

65 Remington was a darling 3-bedroom, 2.5-bath corner-unit townhome with a large wraparound patio. It was an ideal home for a small family or as an investment property. It was moderately upgraded and was well-loved by our sellers. The community offered 2 pools and spas, and the Orchard Park nearby by had a playground, basketball courts, soccer field, ball diamond, BBQ and picnic area.

The initial offer came in at $480,000, and we fiercely negotiated with buyer for $28,800 more. Even the neighbors were excited for us on the appreciated value!

2144 Deer Haven Drive, Chino Hills

Sold at all-time record high price, $101,100 more than the most recent comparable sale, $46,200 over last price record.

Once again, The Winmark Ways worked its magic! A neighbor with the same floor plan sold their home for $699,900 just 2 months prior. Since this home was slightly more upgraded, our seller wanted $729,900, a very reasonable price difference for the upgrades.

This was a 5-bedroom, 3-bath, 3-car garage, approximately 2,615 sf single family home in a small community in Chino Hills. It was built in 1992. The highest this floor plan sold for was in 2005 at $754,800.

Here at Winmark Premier, knowing how effective The Winmark Ways could be, we aggressively listed the home at $779,880. We carefully staged the home and planned for its release. Our marketing campaigns reached far and wide, pulling buyers from outside of Chino Hills into the city. People were falling in love with the home before their visits. Our Grand Open House was packed with visitors even in the mild market. We received 5 competing offers within 4 days and sold the home at $801,000, $101,100 (14.4%) more than the last home sold. A brand new all-time high record was proudly created.